Room Intervention Project, Signage and Symbols I

Systemic Anamorphism Room Project

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Blue Room, Infantado Palace, Guadalajara, Spain

Anamorphic images

The 2D image responds to the perspective by offering a 3D of zigzags, circuits and signage that occupy the space of the room. Games and effects between perception and representation. As the inhabitant advances in space, in appearance of speed, the image is stretched and losing its figuration.


Systemic Anamorphism
Drawing/Video/Action, 2015
Angélica Monge

Composition of symbols and functional signage of interior design, lighting installations, evacuation routes, conditioning, AF and ACS. It is assumed in this intervention as linguistic and visual terminology.

The tensions generated by the lines and symbology describe paths in the perceptual space. In greater depth, more perspective.

Black and red over the general white of paramentos of the room raise the tension and the proximity. Threatening optical illusion.

Systemic Anamorphism is the evolution of Anamorphic Screen. The deformation of the support passes to the total space. The image again deforms in the perception of the viewer. And it again requires their participation, inherent in their movement.

The intervention of the room deals with the generation of anamorphic images that, drawn or fixed in the 2D planes of vertical walls, floor and deck surfaces, make up 3D spaces. The images are configured in 3D software where perspectives, angles and geometries are calculated that are later taken to the surfaces of the room.


Systemic Anamorphism
Drawing/Video/Action, 2015
Angélica Monge

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