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The World As Hologram

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Draw for the animal, Dance for the animal


Windsor Back (Detail), 2011...

The World As Hologram I (Detail)


Windsor Back, 2011...

The World As Hologram I


Flight of Birds, 2011...

The World As Hologram II


Draw For The Animal I, 2011...

The World As Hologram III


Draw For The Animal II, 2011...

The World As Hologram IV

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The World As Hologram
Drawing, 2011
Angélica Monge

The World As Hologram begins with the analogy between Art as an experimental and observational science and the approaches of Physics. The conception of space and matter, its order, physical legitimacy, how time and how we intervene in this organization. This proposal lives in those places of intersection, intermediary or "interference" where the things we have been given are dislocated.

This growing sense of multidimensionality and openness of time affects us in our understanding of the everyday and the conventional.

It is about the postulate of physics that suggests a universe with a horizon 2D. Hence in its 2D surface is - as a plot or noise - the 3D universe in which we live. Also integrates metaphors and poetics. The representation breaks and suspends the form or disappears. So it will never contain the information of the world because the figurative representation is only an illusion.

Individuals within biological, social, and cultural systems are subordinate to these planes as are the bird's wings to the cage insofar as the information code describing the portions of the world is in the sphere containing it.

So they are wings that speak of freedom. It isn't an idea of legendary or exotic freedom, but of the behaviors and habits present in everyday life.

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