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-"Dear Natalí:

It would be an honour for me to direct one of your magical words to these dancing animals.

If you'd like then I will prepare the food for a month. (So I replaced "bewitched" which comes to be the same)".

Angélica Monge

-"Dear Angélica:

Those magic words that you ask me and that would be able to charm you or make me food for a month are a truly tempting challenge. Here then, letting go ...

I remember a conversation with you about naturalistic realism in the pictorial treatment of the inanimate and kitch objects that make up your bazaar of animals and plastic dolls. So I was surprised by the love and care put into the work. Overall it seemed from your gesture that you were painting the portrait of a relative, of someone close and dear. Indeed a portrait, at least, of someone, that of a person.

This way of confronting painting and relating to an object that is worthless, which is the "pathetic" representation of a living trait, magically transforms the piece of plastic into something human.

The assembly of plastic, the imprint of the mold, the awkwardness of the form that imitates and interprets the "natural" and the way in which all these facts of the false are treated open questions about painting as the subject of an act Sinister.

Now the "Mustard dog in its moment of misfortune in Scherzo n. 3" turns again in a naturalistic space that represents at the same time representation and reality. The color applied on the plastic and the modulations of the light on the object occupying a space.

The dog, the zebra, the rubber elephant, the Mexican doll ... are present unfolding on the verticals of the stamped wallpaper. It is support and emerges to support (in fact we assume that the paper is also human) being capable of causing the desire to "climb the walls." It is a "network through which things mesh and undo real caused by wills and non anonymous desires". As if the world of things, of the inert and external, took on life becoming a symbol of a subjectivity in misfit and will be undone by naming the impossible to name.

Thus the traces of an impossible and weightless dance of bodies without weight cross the papers. A dance without floor and without horizontal that rises in the vertical of the representation.

... and so, after these questions that open your work and that are mysteries, I can say that the enchanted one is me.

I cook for a month."

Natalí Larriera


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